• Do I need a vietnam visa if In transit

    When you want to fly to different countries you will encounter many problems related to the identification procedures prescribed by each country . Hence, there is a problem that many people wonder is transit procedures.
    There are two wings to fly:

    Direct Flight: Flight direct to a destination
    Transit Fight: Transit also known as transition to an intermediate airport
    In order to get the aircraft: Passport and tickets

    You must have a passport still valid, your country’s visa is still valid and remains unusable, and new flights to the walk. Visa as “entry permit” by the embassy or consulate of the country you come close to your passport when you arrive for a visa in their country. Some countries will not need a visa, for example Singaporeans who do not need visas to Viet Nam only need a passport, when entry visa it will close 30 days for you at the airport before you step outside or some countries like Japanese, Korea can stay here in 15 days without visa in the first time. That is the direct flight.

    However, if you land in the countries just for transiting purpose you need to know about transit visa. Vietnam is one of these countries, and does not require any transit visa, as long as you plan to stay inside the airport. In the case you need a long time to transit and cant stay inside the airport or it’s not the first time you come to Viet Nam and end of time that you don’t need a visa of some countries above, you still need vietnam transit visa.

    If you need transit visa in Viet Nam and cant wait for hours like business man, elderly, children or disabled person…so the fastest way is use service from travel companies to get it. So, hope you get answer for the question “do I need a vietnam visa if in transit”.
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