• Vietnamese visas for citizens of the Republic of Cyprus

    Usually when you apply for a visa for a country, you can go to the embassy of that country in your country. But now there is no information about the Embassy / Consulate of Vietnam in Cyprus, so you can visit the Embassy of Vietnam of neighboring countries to apply for visas like Greece, Turkey.

    If you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort traveling to get a visa, you can apply for a visa online anywhere and apply for a visa at Vietnam airport.

    Simple steps to apply for an online visa

    - Visit website govietnamvisa.org, fill in personal information as required.
    - Pay the service fee as directed.
    - Receive your visa approval letter by email after 02 business days.
    - Print approval letter + NA1 + 2 photo cards 4cmx 6cm + Stamps and procedures fee at Vietnam airport.


    Visa period: 01 month - 03 months (travel), 01 month - 01 years (transaction).
    Entry purpose: tourism, trade.
    Location: Vietnam International Airport.
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