• Vietnamese Visa for Nicaraguan

    Nicaraguan citizens need visas to enter Vietnam. There are usually two ways to apply for a visa, by contacting the Vietnamese Embassy in your country or by applying for an online visa through the agency's website. However, at present there is no information about the Vietnamese Embassy in Nicaragua, so Nicaraguan citizens must contact the nearest Vietnamese embassy or use their online visa application service. I.

    To apply for an online visa, follow these guidelines:

    - Fill the form at govietnamvisa.org.
    Or you can get your passport information, then email: info@govietnamvisa.org with information on entry, exit, visa type.
    - Pay the service fee as directed.
    - Visa approval letter will be sent to you by email after two business days.

    An airport visa application:
    - Print the letter and NA1 form on A4 paper
    - Original passport.
    - Fill in the NA1 declaration and paste the portrait.
    - Pay the stamp fee at the airport
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