• Vietnamese visa for Andorra

    Where appropriate, Andorra citizens may visit embassies / consulates of neighboring countries such as France, Spain and Switzerland for visa applications, which are not currently available. has a Vietnamese Embassy / Consulate office in Andorra.

    In case you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort to register at the Embassy, ​​the simpler way is to apply online visa through a travel agent visa specialist. What you need to do is sign up online to receive a visa or visa approval letter and be granted a visa at an airport in Vietnam. This is the most economical, easy and convenient way for Andorra citizens to apply for a Vietnamese visa.

    How to apply visa procedures and visa online at Vietnam airport

    - Go to govietnamvisa.org and fill apply form
    - Pay for our services.
    - Receipt of entry by email after 01 - 02 working days.
    - Print the documents and prepare the documents (passport + 2 photo cards + NA1 declaration + stamp fee) to make entry procedures at Vietnam airport.
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