• Vietnamese Visa to Kyrgyzstan

    There is no information available about the Embassy of Vietnam in Kyrgyzstan. However, you can visit the Embassy of Vietnam in Uzbekistan to guide visa application process in Vietnam.

    Vietnamese ambassador to Uzbekistan concurrently Kyrgyzstan:
    Address: Rashidov Str.-100, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
    Phone: (988-71) 134 4541, 0393
    Fax: (988-71) 135 6493
    Email: dsqvntas@rol.uz

    If you do not want to spend time with the Embassy, ​​you can apply for visa online through GoVietnamVisa.org, as follows:

    - Visit GoVietnamVisa.org to fill out an online application form or download the form here, email info@GoVietnamVisa.org.
    - Pay us (service fee) according to instructions.
    - Receive a letter of entry after 01-02 working days at your email.
    - Print the form and declaration, fill in the NA1 declaration and then present at the airport of Vietnam with the original passport and two photo cards to stamp on the passport.
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