• Vietnamese visa for Albanian

    Passengers holding Albania passport need a visa to enter Vietnam. There is currently no information on the Embassy of Vietnam in Albania, so you need to contact the Embassy of Vietnam in neighboring countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Hungary to apply for a visa or use Our visa and visa application services are available through our website.

    To obtain a visa at a Vietnamese airport, you will need to apply for a visa approval letter. This is a letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department. This letter will help you obtain your visa at the Vietnam airport without having to go to the Embassy. Visa time is from 1 month to 1 year, once or several times, for travel or business purposes.

    ** How to apply for a visa online and apply for a visa at the airport
    - Go to Govietnamvisa.org and fill the form.
    - Pay as instructed.
    - After 2 working days, we will send your visa approval letter by email.
    Present a copy of the application to the customs officer for stamp registration.

    ** File for stamping procedures at the airport:
    - Prepare your passport for more than 6 months.
    - 02 photos of 4x6cm card.
    Visa approval letter and NA1 form are printed on A4 paper.
    - Charges.
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