• Apply for Vietnamese visas for Kenyans

    There are two most common ways to apply for a Vietnamese visa

    Apply for a Vietnamese visa at the Embassy

    Unfortunately, there are no Vietnamese embassies in Kenya, so you can go to neighboring Tanzania to apply for a Vietnamese visa. Some embassies require you to personally come to your application and receive a visa, but there are places where you can send your documents by mail without directing them. First, you should contact to clarify the process, procedure, time spent, cost more.

    Apply for a visa at the airport

    This is the simplest, easiest, most economical way for you. Just sit at home and apply for a visa online. You can search for travel agents specializing in visas or register at our website with the following simple steps:

    + Please fill out the form at GoVietnamVisa.org
    + Payment service fee
    + Receive visa approval letter at your email address after 01-02 business days.
    + Printed and presented at the airport to handle visa and entry Vietnam.
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