• Vietnam visa for Angola

    There are two common ways to apply for a Vietnamese visa for Angola
    Directly to the Embassy of Vietnam

    Vietnamese Embassy in Angola
    Address: Via AL 4, Lotes No 4-5, Talatona-LuandaSul, Luanda. Cp. 1774
    Phone: + 244-222010697 / 010698; + 244-923915648 / 933326255
    Fax: + 244-222010696
    Email: vnemb.angola@mofa.gov.vn; sqvnangola@gmail.com; lanhsuangola@yahoo.com

    Note: The advantage is that you can work directly with the authorities and apply for a visa before departure so you can be sure when applying for a visa, however you may have to go to Great Little twice. To send and receive results, the processing time is usually four to five business days. Guests should contact before arrival for information.
    Apply online and apply for a visa at Vietnam airport

    - Visit govietnamvisa.org to complete apply form
    - Pay us (service fee) according to instructions.
    - Receive your visa approval letter by email within 01-02 business days.
    In + NA1 + 2 passport photo + stamp + stamp fee) to apply for visa and entry visa rustic into Vietnam airport.

    Visa term: 01 month, 03 months
    Entry purpose: travel
    Location: Vietnam International Airport

    Note: With this visa, you do not have to go far, just sit at home and register online. There are 2 types of service fee and visa fee at the airport. We have airport pick up service to help you save time when you receive your visa stamp at Vietnam airport. Our service is available all day of the week and can help you receive a letter (visa approval letter) within a few hours. In the event that your visa application is denied or a problem arises, we will reimburse you for the most appropriate service or support.
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