• Vietnamese visas for Mauritius

    Mauritius citizens can visit embassies of neighboring countries like Mozambique, Tanzania, South Africa to apply for a Vietnamese visa. Or, you can apply for a visa easily and conveniently to apply for a visa online and apply for a visa at a Vietnamese airport.

    Our website will help you to apply for a visa from 1 month to 1 year, for travel or trade or business one-time entry. Please note that this visa is only applicable when you enter the Vietnam International Airport.

    Simple steps to apply for a visa at the airport:
    - Visit govietnamvisa.org to complete apply form
    - Pay us (service fee) according to instructions.
    - Receive your visa approval letter by email within 01-02 business days.
    In + NA1 + 2 passport photo + stamp + stamp fee) to apply for visa and entry visa rustic into Vietnam airport.
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