• Vietnamese visas for citizens of Tanzania

    There are two common ways to apply for a Vietnam visa:

    Go to the Embassy of Vietnam in Tazania.
    Apply for visa online and apply for a visa at Vietnam airport

    Vietnamese Embassy in Tazania:
    Address: Kawe Road - Lot 478 PO Box: 9724 - Dar Es Salaam.
    Phone: + 255-22-2781330
    Fax: + 255-22-2781336
    Email: vnemb.taz2009@yahoo.com.vn
    Local time compared to Vietnam: -4 hours.

    Note: The advantage is that you can work directly with state agencies and guarantee visa before entering Vietnam. But you have to go to the embassy yourself to apply and receive the results, so you may have to come here at least twice to apply for a visa.

    Apply for visa online through our website:

    - Visit govietnamvisa.org, fill out personal information or send to info@govietnamvisa.org.
    - Pay the service fee as directed.
    - Receive your visa approval letter by email within 01 - 02 business days.
    - Print approval letter + NA1 + 2 photo cards 4cm x6cm + Charges and procedures at Vietnam airport.

    Visa term: 01 month - 03 months, once or several times.
    Entry purpose: travel.
    Location: Vietnam International Airport.

    Note: There are 2 types of fees: service fee and visa stamp fee. In case you do not receive the visa approval letter, we will refund the service fee to you. We always support and solve all visa issues, such as visa, visa, visa and visa support services at Vietnam airport.
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