• Vietnamese Visa for Yemeni

    There is no Vietnamese Embassy in Yemen. If you want to apply for a visa to Vietnam at the Embassy, ​​please contact the Embassy of Vietnam in your neighboring countries.

    In addition, you can apply for a visa to Vietnam simply, that is to apply for a visa online through our website. The steps are as follows:
    - Visit GoVietnamVisa.org.
    - Complete the information on the passport in the form.
    - Send form including: form, passport photo, air ticket and hotel booking, then send email to info@GoVietnamVisa.org
    - Pay our service fee is 160 USD per person. Visa approval letter and NA1 declaration will be sent to your email after 7 working days.
    - Print the letter of approval and NA1 declaration, present with the customs at the airport with the original passport and two 4x6cm portraits to seal the passport.

    Note: You will need to pay an additional $ 25 per postage stamp fee at the airport.
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