Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Vietnam Multiple Entry Visa

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Vietnam multiple entries visa allows visitors to enter and exit from Vietnam as many times as they want during period of visa validity without having to reapply each time.

You have choose for visa selection of single or multiple entries Vietnam visa depends on your travel needs. If you only wish to stay in Vietnam during your travel period, single entry visa is an economical choice whilst a multiple entry visa will be a more suitable choice for those who wish to enter to Vietnam many times during their Vietnam travel visa period.

Both business and tourist visas can be issued for multiple-entry. The multiple-entry is necessary in case the visitors exit Vietnam and re-enter by land borders or airports. You can go to Cambodia or laos by land and come back to vietnam.

multiple entries Tourist Visa Subclass
- 1 month multiple entries
- 3 months multiple entries
- 1 year multiple entries

multiple entries Business Visa Subclass
- 1 month multiple entries
- 3 months multiple entries
- 6 months multiple entries
- 1 year multiple entries

Following is required information to obtain multiple entries Visa
- Show a copy of your multiple entries visa pre-approval letter
- Your passport or travel document
- Passport must have six months’ validity remaining beyond your stay in the Vietnam
- One blank passport page required for stamp
- 2 Passport-sized color photograph taken within the last six month
- Vietnamese visa application form
- Visa Stamping fee (Vietnamese Dong VND or U.S. dollars)

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