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Vietnam visa requirement for Argentine citizens

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Argentine citizens need a Vietnam visa for Argentines to enter Vietnam. They can apply for a Vietnam visa in two ways:
• By applying directly at the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam
• By applying online through us for a letter of acceptance

However, as a person applying for a Vietnam visa, you must meet the following conditions:

Conditions for Vietnam visas:
• Your passport must be valid and will be returned for at least 6 months from the date of acquisition.
• Two passport photos must be taken within 6 months.
• Your information in your approval letter should be the same as the information in your passport.

1. The application is directly to the Vietnam visa at the Vietnam Embassy / Consulate in Argentina
To date there are no Vietnam Embassies / Consulates in Argentina, so applicants for Argentine visas should visit the nearest Vietnam embassy from their neighbors for contact.
In addition, they may choose to send their visa applications by post, which is a convenient and recommended option. Visa does not require a person to arrive directly at the embassy. However, you must first confirm with the Vietnam embassy to find out the solution given by the various embassy application procedures.

If both options still do not seem favorable for the visa applicant, there is an online way to obtain a Vietnam visa with the approval of the approval letter.

2. Learn how to apply online for our approval letter
The way to get a Vietnam visa for the Argentine is through our website to receive a letter of acceptance allowing you to collect your passport from the Vietnam International Airport or from the Embassy of Vietnam. With our approval letter, you will:

a. Collection of passports for Argentina at Vietnam International Airport.
This procedure requires the following steps:
• Fill in the visa application form at our website.
• Pay the service fee with us according to our instructions
• Waiting for our approval letter, they will be sent to your email inbox within 48 business hours.
• Submit your passport, passport and 2 passport photos as one of three international airports in Vietnam (Tan Son Nhat, Noi Bai and Da Nang), pay the visa fee and collect your passport right away.
Collect Vietnam visas for the Argentineans at a Vietnam embassy of your choice.

This procedure requires the following steps:
• Pay our website online and find the visa application form, fill out the request and submit to the system.
• Pay service fees with us while following our instructions
• Receive a letter of approval from us within 48 hours
Present your passport, passport and two recent passport photos at the Vietnam embassy and pay the visa fee to collect your passport right there.

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