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Vietnam visa for Bahraini

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As a Bahraini citizen, you must have a valid Bahraini visa before arriving in Vietnam. So, we will introduce you information on how to apply for a Bahraini visa for Vietnam including two ways to complete the procedure:

1. Procedures for applying for Vietnam visas at the Embassy of Vietnam.
2. An application for a Vietnam visa application via online service.

You are free to choose one of two visa procedures depending on your convenience and personal preferences.

The procedure for applying for a Vietnam visa for Bahraini
Although Bahraini does not currently have a Vietnam embassy or consulate, it is still possible to apply for this important travel by Bahrain by traveling to a neighboring country with the embassy of Vietnam.
At the Embassy of Vietnam, visa applicants are guided by the steps to follow and what forms are required to fill out a Vietnam visa application for Bahraini.

However, you may not always be able to access the Embassy of Vietnam overseas because of the shortcomings of this option as listed below:
During peak seasons, embassies are usually occupied by visa applicants waiting to be served.
• Procedures that take up to five days can be a major inconvenience for people traveling from other countries as they may have to wait for their service time.
• You may have to pay for your maintenance at your own expense when abroad.
In order to obtain a visa-free experience, you will receive a more appropriate online visa application.

Get Bahraini visa with Vietnam visa approval letter through our service.
To obtain a Vietnam visa for Bahrain with the delivery of a letter of approval through our service, the following steps are followed:

• Visit our website online and find the visa application form. Download this form and print it out to fill out. Finally, please send this form to us via the web or email address provided.
• Clear the visa service fee required to mark the start of your visa processing process. At this step, make sure you follow our instructions.
• Wait for our approval letter within 48 working hours. We will send you this letter via the email address you provided us on your visa application form.
• Download and print a letter of approval from us.

How to use your approval letter to apply for a Bahraini visa

• With the notice sent to you by email, you will need to have it in your manuscript and be presented with a confirmation of your arrival time.
• When you arrive at the international airport in Vietnam, go straight to the visa office in your destination and receive your acceptance letter, passport and two recent passport photos.
• You will then have to pay a visa stamp fee to have your Bahraini visa stamped on your passport and presented to you right there.

Conditions for obtaining a Vietnam visa for Bahraini
You must have a valid passport issued at least six months before you apply for a visa. The validity of the passport must be within the time limit of the intended visa.
Please complete the visa application form to ensure that the information in your approval letter is in line with the information in your passport.
There must be two passport photos that you have purchased no more than six months ago.

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