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Vietnam visa for Bahamas

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Our plan is to inform Bahamas citizens about the two ways they can obtain a Vietnam visa for the Bahamas as explained below:

1. By applying directly at the Embassy of Vietnam in any neighboring country
2. By submitting an online application at our site, they will receive an approval letter

Each of the two options for a Vietnam visa can only be applied at his or her time. Whichever option you choose between these two systems depends on your accessibility and convenience as a visa applicant.

Application for a Vietnam visa to the Bahamas at the Embassy of Vietnam

The application process directly asks you to introduce yourself at the Vietnam embassy in any country since the Bahamas does not have a Vietnam embassy.
In this procedure, a person instructed at the embassy about how to proceed with the visa application process in addition to being informed about the documents and standards to be met.
However, direct application procedures may sometimes not seem favorable because of barriers that include:
• Long queues at the embassy during high season due to dozens of visa applications.
• The service does not apply during public holidays and weekends because embassies often close.
• This service is not always available because some embassies only operate for several hours a day.
Those who apply for a tourist visa from abroad may be subject to high travel costs.

The best way to get a Vietnam visa for the Bahamas is to apply online. This way you obtain a Vietnam visa with approval letter as explained below:

Online registration procedures for Vietnam visas in the Bahamas

The online application process for Bahamas visas for Vietnam is reliable, convenient and fast. The first time you receive your approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department through us and then use it to request your Vietnam visa from a visa upon arrival at any National Airport. Vietnam when you arrive by air.
However, this procedure is only for tourists. It requires the following steps:
• You first visit our website online and download the visa application form. Fill out the form and return it to us using the softcopy form.
• Online payment service as you follow our instructions.
• Allow up to 48 business hours to receive a letter of approval from us via email.
• Once received, a written approval must be obtained to determine the time of arrival in Vietnam.

Apply for a Vietnam visa in the Bahamas with your consent

You can request your Vietnam visa with your approval letter from any Vietnam International Airport. Simply go straight to the office visa at the airport and send your written consent and two copies of your nearest passport photo. Meanwhile, you will have to pay a visa fee to have a Vietnam visa stamped on your passport and handing it to you. You will have a valid Vietnam visa for the Bahamas and be ready to enter Vietnam!

Conditions for obtaining a Vietnam visa for the Bahamas
For a successful visa application, the following conditions must be met:

• You must have a valid passport you received within six months before the visa application date. Passports must be valid longer than the waiting period of the visa. In addition, this passport must have a blank page, because the Vietnam visa for Liechtenstein requires a full page on the passport.
• You must complete a visa application with valid information to ensure the consistency of the information between your passport and your letter of approval.
• You must have two passport photos you have taken within the last 6 months.

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