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Vietnam visa for Azerbaijan

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We want to inform all Azerbaijani citizens that they need a Vietnam visa for Azerbaijan so that they can enter Vietnam. We therefore carry out the following two visa application procedures for their notice while further informing them of each:

1. Procedures for applying for a Vietnam visa at the Vietnam Embassy
2. Online visa application process for Vietnam visas from our website

When applying for a Vietnam visa as an Azerbaijani citizen, you can choose one of the two visa procedures as per your convenience.

Application for Vietnam visa for Azerbaijan:

At present, there are no Vietnam embassies or consulates in Azerbaijan. This allows Azerbaijani citizens to visit neighboring countries with embassies in Vietnam to start visas.

As a Vietnam visa applicant for a citizen of Azerbaijan, you need to personally visit the Vietnam Embassy in any country and begin applying for a visa right there. While at the Embassy of Vietnam, you will be notified of the requirements that must be met and finally be presented with the visa application form for you to fill out.

However, you may disagree with the idea of ​​going abroad to apply for a Vietnam visa at the Embassy of Vietnam to consider the following difficulties:

Weekly weekly stays are available at embassies during the peak season due to dozens of applicants.
• You may incur high travel and maintenance costs when abroad.
• Visa application services are only available on weekdays and during business hours.
• The service takes up to five days to complete.
• There are a number of inconveniences to consider if you have to give up your normal job and go to another country to apply and can return to confirm some details when possible. .

The online application process through our service at our website will help you to avoid any barrier. In addition, the service is available 24/7 regardless of holidays and official holidays and is fast and reliable.

Online registration procedure for Vietnam visas for Azerbaijan through our website
In order to benefit from this service, you will need to be connected to the Internet. That way, you can visit our website online and start the approval letter registration process. You will then use our approval letter to obtain a Vietnam visa from a Vietnam visa at the arrival office, located at any international airport in Vietnam. This procedure requires several steps:

• First, you will need to go to our website and download the visa application form there. Make sure you print out the forms and fill them out before handing them over.
• Then you must pay the visa service fee from our website online according to our instructions there.
• Keep up to 48 hours of work so you can receive our approval letter by email.
• Print this approval form as it will be used as your temporary identity when boarding a flight to Vietnam, and finally when applying for a Vietnam visa to Azerbaijan when arriving at the international airport of Vietnam by road. air. are not.

How to apply for a Vietnam visa for Azerbaijan with your letter of approval:

With your approval letter, your valid passport and two passport photos must be presented at the Visa Office upon arrival at the Vietnam International Airport. These documents will be used to verify your visa.
Finally, you will have to pay the stamping fee for the Vietnam visa stamped on your passport and handing it to you.

Conditions for obtaining a Vietnam visa for Azerbaijan
• Must have a valid passport purchased at least six months before the visa application date. Your passport must have a valid validity period longer than your visa exceeds the project.
• Two passport photos must be the most recent photo not later than six months from date.
• You must complete your visa application form to ensure that the information in your approval letter matches the information in your passport.
• All steps and instructions on visa application procedures must be true and accurate

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