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Get your Vietnam visa for Angolan

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Being a citizen of Angola, you need a Vietnam visa for Angolan to enter Vietnam. There are two basic ways to apply for this important travel document as listed below:

Application procedure in Vietnam at the Embassy of Vietnam in Angola
This option requires the following from the applicant:
- A valid visa application
- The presence of the applicant at the Embassy of Vietnam
- Applicants pay periodic visa fees and follow the procedural steps for them throughout the visa process.

An application for a Vietnam visa for Angolan
This option requires the following from the applicant:
- A valid visa application
- Internet connection is active
- Follow the instructions and procedures in the process of applying for a Vietnam visa for Angolan

Learn more about each of the two above to apply for and apply for a Vietnam visa for Angolan

1) Receive Vietnam visa for Angolan at the Embassy of Vietnam in Angola
When you apply for a Vietnam visa in An Giang at the Vietnam embassy, ​​you must first meet the following conditions in order to qualify as a visa applicant:

You have a valid visa application including:
• A valid passport that you obtained over six months before your visa application date
• Two passport photos that you have taken within the last 6 months from your current date.
If the above requirements are met, a candidate must present at the Vietnam embassy to complete the visa application. Applicants must also pay a visa fee in the course of applying for a Vietnam visa at the embassy. More information about the requirements and procedures at the Embassy of Vietnam can be contacted by the Vietnam Embassy in Angola via the following contacts:

Embassy of Vietnam in Luanda, Angola
Address: Via AL4, Lotes No. 4-5, Talatona-Luanda Sul, Luanda.
P.O box: C.P. 1774
Tel: (+244) 222.010697
Fax: (+244) 222.010696

2) Direct application of visa requirements for Angolan:
Applicants can apply for a Vietnam visa for Angolan via the internet. This procedure requires connection to trusted internet connections and the internet temporarily is only temporary for applications while executing. The following steps must be taken by the visa applicant in the process:
• Visit our website and download the application form. Give a sample with your information about your information.
• Pay visa fees for us online according to our guide.
• Wait for our email by email within 48 hours.
• Download the prospectus and print it out to showcase your material when you are of age.

Here's how you use your visa application:
• Use a written consent form to determine when to open the plane to Vietnam.
• After arriving at any international airport in Vietnam (Tan Son Nhat, Noi or Da Nang), please inform us at the Visa office in the country of arrival at the Embassy of Vietnam.
• Payment Market Services performs sealing work on your machine and delivers it to you immediately.

With these three steps, you must be a legal entity of Vietnam and you can travel throughout Vietnam for the duration of validity. However, applicants must meet the following conditions before commencing the visa application process:

Condition of visa issuance for Vietnam
• Passport holders must have a passport license purchased more than six months prior to the requested date. However, compared with the value of longer than expected knowledge.
Applicants must complete a valid visa application with the information in their passport.
• The application should only select the application online to return to the machine.

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