Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Vietnam Visa processing time

The processing time for Vietnam Visa dependents, through which mode you are applying for. If you are applying through :

Vietnam Embassy/Consulate: It took 3-7 working days or more ( It’s a lengthy and time taken procedure ) as some time you need to visit 2 times to Embassy.

Apply Online: If you applying through online, the normal processing time is 2 business days. On Urgent, it would be 1 business day. For Super Urgent Services you get Visa Approval Letter within 4 working hours.

Vietnam Multiple Entry Visa

Vietnam multiple entries visa allows visitors to enter and exit from Vietnam as many times as they want during period of visa validity without having to reapply each time.

You have choose for visa selection of single or multiple entries Vietnam visa depends on your travel needs. If you only wish to stay in Vietnam during your travel period, single entry visa is an economical choice whilst a multiple entry visa will be a more suitable choice for those who wish to enter to Vietnam many times during their Vietnam travel visa period.

Both business and tourist visas can be issued for multiple-entry. The multiple-entry is necessary in case the visitors exit Vietnam and re-enter by land borders or airports. You can go to Cambodia or laos by land and come back to vietnam.

multiple entries Tourist Visa Subclass
- 1 month multiple entries
- 3 months multiple entries
- 1 year multiple entries

multiple entries Business Visa Subclass
- 1 month multiple entries
- 3 months multiple entries
- 6 months multiple entries
- 1 year multiple entries

Following is required information to obtain multiple entries Visa
- Show a copy of your multiple entries visa pre-approval letter
- Your passport or travel document
- Passport must have six months’ validity remaining beyond your stay in the Vietnam
- One blank passport page required for stamp
- 2 Passport-sized color photograph taken within the last six month
- Vietnamese visa application form
- Visa Stamping fee (Vietnamese Dong VND or U.S. dollars)

Single entry Visa Vietnam

If You are applying for Visa to Vietnam, You see two options to apply for a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa. Although both are valid for a fixed period of time, they are different from each other in terms of number of entries during the visa validity.

If you hold a single entry visa, you are allowed to enter and exit Vietnam one time only, during the visa  validity. Once you have left Vietnam, even before the granted expiry date, your visa will automatically become invalid and if you want to come back Vietnam, you need to apply for a new visa. This kind of visa is also called “a visa with single use”

Vietnam Work Visa

To obtain work permit in Vietnam, the applicant should be satisfied the following requirements / procedure :

- Not less that 18 years of age.

- Health is in good condition to satisfy the specific demands and requirement of the job.

- Foreigners applying to work in the Educational and Occupational training sectors must satisfy allconditions, set by the law of Vietnam on this sector.

- Free of any criminal records or national security offence, not currently facing any criminalprosecution, or not serving a criminal sentence

eVisa System or Electronic Visa

Travellers are now able to apply for electronic visa online on “Apply Online”, pay and receive the e-Visa directly from Vietnamese authority. The purpose of your intended travel and other factors distinguish, type of visa required for Vietnam under Vietnam Immigration Law. Choosing option of e-Visa is the smartest step among all the visa application processes. Therefore it is highly recommended to apply for the Vietnamese Visa through online Electronic Visa application.

Complete the Online e-Visa Application

  • Apply through the online application form and if you meet all requirements then you might be granted an electronic visa (e-Visa).
  • To review your data on the online application form, double-check to make sure the information you filled is correct and then go ahead to pay the fees for the visa.
  • After filling e-Visa application form successfully by issued by Immigration department of Vietnam, You will be informed by email when your application has been successful.
  • You should print your e-Visa letter, keep it in a safe place, and carry it with you when you travel to Vietnam.
At the same time, we expect the visa applicant to
  • Plan their visa application as far in advance as possible.
  • Need to complete your application accurately.
  • Be forthcoming / clear about your purpose and plans.
The e-Visas get granted for single entry visits for 30 days for the citizens of following 46 countries:

 Argentina  Denamark  Mongolia  South Korea
 Australia  Finland  Myanmar  Spain
 Armenia  France  Netherlands  Sweden
 Azerbaijan  Germany  New zealand  Timor Leste
 Belarus  Greece  Norway  United Arab Emirates
 Brunei  Hungary  Panama  United Kingdom
 Bulgaria  India  Peru  United States
 Canada  Ireland  Philippines  Uruguay
 China  Italy  Poland  Venezuela
 Colombia  Japan  Romania
 Cuba  Kazakhstan  Russia
 Czech Republic  Luxembourg  Slovakia

Vietnam Tourist eVisa For Americans

Vietnam E-visa is a single entry non-immigrant Tourist visa to Vietnam. The E-visa is valid for a maximum of 30 days. An E-visa is usually processed within three working days after the Vietnam Immigration Department receives the completed application and E-visa fee. E-visa holders must present the printed E-visa and valid passport at the port of entry.

Americans passport holders or any other Continent can obtain a Vietnam eVisa online. Here we are providing you full information for your needs and how to apply to obtain a Vietnam eVisa for Americans.

Apply in 2 easy steps for Vietnam Visa on Arrival for US citizen at fast way with Vietnam My Visa.
- Apply online and Submit application form online via our secure network for vietnam visa on arrival.
- Receive the “Vietnam eVisa” pdf by email.

Important Note
The information you will need for your visa

Americans Passport
You must provide your actual passport and Your passport must:
- Be valid for the next six months
- Have at least one blank visa page

Stamp your passport at Landing visa counter in Vietnam International Airports.
- You must provide a photograph.
- Have your print eVisa copy
- Vietnamese entry-exit form
Get Entry Stamped on your passport at Landing visa counter in Vietnam International Airports.

Vietnamese Visas for Russia Citizens

Russian passport holders need to get a visa to Vietnam if their staying is longer than 15 days. But, Vietnam tourist visa is not required for Russian citizens for their stay of up to 15 days in Vietnam.The Vietnamese government waived visa requirements for travelers coming from certain countries, including Russia. However, Vietnam introduced a new rule requiring those travelers to have a visa upon re-entry to the country within 30 days of their last departure.

Here we are providing you full information for your needs to obtain a Vietnam Visa on arrival from any of 5 international airports in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa and Ho Chi Minh City.

Apply in 3 easy steps for Vietnam Visa on Arrival at lower cost with Vietnam My Visa.

1 Go online: http://GoVietnamVisa.org/
Take 5 minutes to fill out the form online with minimum required information:
- Full name – The same as in passport
- Date of birth
- Nationality
- Passport number
- Date of arrival
- Type of Visa

2 Submit application form online via our secure network to receive the Approval letter.
After 2 working days (normal service). YOU WILL:
- Get visa approval letter via email (attached with Vietnamese visa application form)

After that, you need to:
- Print out the letter and the form,
- Fill out the Vietnamese visa application form,
- Prepare 2 passport-sized photos 4x6cm and cash for stamping fee,
- Put all above mentioned things along with your passport in a package,
- then show them to Immigration officer at Vietnam arrival airports.

3 Get your Vietnam Visa Stamped after your arrival at Landing visa counter – Vietnam International Airports (Ha Noi/ Da Nang/ Ho Chi Minh city/ Nha Trang).
Travel worry-free, Get your Vietnam Visa Stamped after your arrival at Landing visa counter – Vietnam International Airports (Ha Noi/ Da Nang/ Ho Chi Minh city/ Nha Trang). Upon landing, head to the Landing VISA (VOA) Counter, present the following to the Immigration Officer, to get VISA stamped onto your passport. - Your passport, Visa approval letter
- 2 Passport-sized photos
- Vietnamese visa application form, and
- Stamping fee

Before applying for Vietnam visa, please make sure that your passport has at least 6 month validity counting from date of arrival and blank pages left for new stamp. Visa on arrival option is ONLY applicable for TRAVELING BY AIR to Vietnam.

Apply Vietnam Visa now on www.GoVietnamVisa.org, you will surely be granted entry upon arrival in Vietnam with the approval letter.

Following is required information to obtain Vie tnam Visa:
- Your name exactly as per passport: it is your full name on your passport, name order is not important, so you can place either surname first or first name first.
- Your date of birth: in Vietnam, the date format will be DD/MM/YY.
- Your nationality on passport: the passport you are using to enter Vietnam (should be valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival).
- Your passport number: exactly as shown on your passport.

Date of arrival: applicants must fill-in the suitable Date of Arrival. With this registered entry date on official visa approval letter, you can then choose to enter Vietnam on or later but not earlier than the approved date.

Photos: passport photos are required at Vietnam airports only. You can use our secured online form to submit your application or find all download forms